Monday, August 16, 2010

Traveling Table Names

To go along with our boarding pass escort cards, our tables will be named (instead of numbered) after places that we have traveled to together.

Back in the day, I mentioned my first mock ups and the little changes I made to (hopefully) not make it look like a 2nd grade school project. With some free time the other night, I decided to go ahead and finish the project.

I used the same blue and green cardstock that we're using for all other paper products and made use of the linen paper I ordered by mistake.  I printed out the names of the destinations and glued them to green and blue mats, making use of scrap paper from other projects.

Since the cardstock wasn't as thick as I would like and I was afraid that the table name card wouldn't stand straight, I attached thick white cardstock to the back of the colored pieces.  I cut it down to 8" x 6" and rounded the corners for a polished look.

A little more glue for the pictures of us at each destination and the city names and we were good to go!

Be sure to have full coverage when using the spray adhesive so it doesn't get on the edge of your coffee table.  Not that it happened to me, but a friend of a friend mentioned it (wink, wink).

I'm still trying to decide on how to display these.  Either with photo clips similar to these:

Or little table stands like the ones used by Mrs. Gloss in her Nautical wedding.

Photos in her recaps by photographers Erica Lyn Photography and &Unlimited

How did you number or name your tables?  Did you see any destinations in my table names that you have traveled to?  Do you like the photo clips or stands better? I'm just full of questions today :)


Ms. Teacher said...

I think I like the stands better but the clips work too (and are cute) if you already have them and don't have to purchase stands. Those came out really cute!
We may have names for our tables but we are not sure yet. I think I have only been to Philly & Disney! I have some travelling to do!
Congrats on another check on your to-do list!

Lauren said...

That's what I'm leaning towards! I only had a couple of clips lying around to test out, but I really like the stands better. Just need to find them cheap haha.