Sunday, August 1, 2010

Canvas Wrap

Part of our photography package with Lynn Michelle included a 16 x 24 canvas wrap of one of our favorite engagement pictures.  We had a hard time selecting one (because we loved so many of our photos!!) but we finally decided on one that shows both us and our travel theme in bright vivid color. 

We're quickly running out of wall space in our 2 bedroom apartment, but I found a little nook that seemed the perfect size.  Mr. E was awesome to hang it, and then rehang it after I noticed the fact that it wasn't centered.

It happens to be above our TV, so for now we get to enjoy this canvas whenever we watch TV.

That is Man v Food on the Travel Channel (we love that show)

When we move into a house after the wedding (can. not. wait!) I'll be sure to find a wonderful spot for this!  We loved the wrap so much that we decided to order a big (and I do mean big!) 30 x 40 wrap of our absolute favorite engagement picture. We feel like this photo is more of an art piece and looks amazing in the larger size!

Love it!

What other photo goodies have you done with your engagement pictures?

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