Friday, August 20, 2010

Spicing up the bridal attire

Although pearls seem to be the quintessential go to in the wedding jewelry category, they really aren't my style. I gravitated to jewelry with a little more sparkle for the wedding. I also wanted to bring in some blue to go with the wedding colors and my shoes (and yes I realize that not many people are going to be looking from my neck to my feet, but just go with it :P).

Mom Elephant, Aunt Bunny and I have all checked out some sapphire and diamond (or crystal cause really diamonds may be a little out of the budget for wedding day jewelry) options online similar to these.

When we went to the store to pick up my veil that my mother so wonderfully purchased for me (more on that later!), we decided to check out some of the necklaces and earrings at the counter. I didn't plan on purchasing anything there, but of course found a pair of earrings that I fell in love with! With the 15% off discount of everything in the store (since I purchase my wedding dress there) I went ahead and picked them up.

Love them! Now the challenge is to find a necklace that will go with these beauties. I tried on one necklace at the store that was gorgeous, but maybe a little out of budget at $300??

Sorry for the iPhone Pic (don't mind the hair, just came from the March of Dimes walk)

I decided that I would wait to see if it went with my dress, as in not take away from the dress. We shall see when the dress comes in!

Did you go with jewelry other then pearls for your weddings?

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