Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Open Bar Debate

One of the first wedding questions among my group of college friends seems to be “Is there going to be an open bar?” I’ve been to receptions that range in the bar department from cash bar to kegs to open bars to only wine to only punch.

Our venue has a pub attached to the ballroom, and offers various packages when it comes to the drink menu.

The Tribute Pub (Source)

If we could there wouldn’t be a second thought about an open bar for the entire night! But it just isn't in the cards for us with our budget.  We decided to go with a package that includes Sparkling fruit punch, Champagne toast, Coffee, Tea, soda, draft beer and 4 wines. We will be spending extra per person to open all the taps of beer, so there will be a variety. Guests will be able to purchase hard liquor if they really need it.  Depending on our final head count, we are leaning towards adding a signature drink or two.

I know this can be a touchy subject on the boards, but what are your thoughts on alcohol at the reception?

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