Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grand Send Off

My dream wedding send off involves a little sparkle & light....

Sigh...beautiful sparkle send offs. I have never been to a wedding with a sparkler send off, but fell in love looking at pictures online. Sadly, that sparkling dream was quickly put out when I was told by our venue that sparklers are a no no. The coordinator referenced past weddings where they resulted in minor fires, so they have since been banned.

No worries! I asked what our other options were, and was given the option of bubbles or real flower petals. Since bubbles are cheaper then flowers, the choice was easy to make.

I stocked up on wedding bubbles from Michael's (on sale and with a bonus coupon!), had a morning of session of ribbon tying 101 and bada bing bada boom - we're ready for our send off!

Part of Ribbon Tying 101 (I actually used a little over 6 boxes of bubbles)

168 bubbles later

All ready for the send off!

What did you do for your send off? Did you have to go with a plan B due to venue restrictions?

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