Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dress Shopping with another Bride

I know I know, there are several posts about my dress shopping, but this time was different. This was dress shopping for my best friend and MOH for her wedding (which is now just around the corner!).

Back in April MOH Navy was in town, so I joined her and her parents for what was supposed to be a weekend full of dress shopping. Little did we know that she would find THE dress at the first store.

Now I won't show her dress until after her wedding, but it looks amazing on her...then again anything looked amazing on her because she is a beautiful girl!

After a quick bite to eat, we headed to Alfred Angelo so I could try on bridesmaids dresses. MOH Navy had narrowed it down to 4 dresses between AA and David's Bridal the weekend before when her cousin BM Cali (a BM for both of our weddings) was in town, but we ended up trying on other styles just to see how they looked.

First off we'll go through my favorites at AA.

This was pretty, but maybe it was just the color. We all agreed the front was a little too low cut and the back a little too open.

This dress fit great, but MOH Navy wanted the material of the BM dresses to go with the material look of her dress.

Loved the lace up back of this one, definitely my favorite at AA. I'm not sure if it's because it's a sample and many people have tried this on or if it's just the way ruching lays but it didn't seem right in the middle. Like almost wrinkled excess??

This was cute too, with the ruching in the front.

Next up we headed over to David's Bridal where we were able to try on dresses without an appointment.

This one was ok, but I wasn't crazy about the different material in the part on the side.

A nice style, but again we thought all one material would be best.

Now don't mind my hair, getting in and out of dresses will do that to ya. Here we have a favorite, with ruching in front and a little beading detail in the middle. The only problem with this is that it didn't come in the wine color that MOH Navy really wanted.

Saving the best for last, I present to you our bridesmaids dress for the fall wedding. Ironically we found the sample in a size that I could fit, in the color that MOH Navy wants. It has some side ruching, beading detail and a little overlay on the side (similar to the bride's dress).

I'm really looking forward to wearing this as MOH Navy says I do.

Did you have a couple of bridesmaids try on dresses before making your choice? Did you give any consideration to what your girls liked most?

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