Saturday, August 7, 2010

Card Box Fun

The alternate title for this post would be how I hurt my finger using a little knife to cut through cardboard. ;)

A little while back our planner sent me a link for cute little suitcases, which are very similar to the ones found at paper source, but cheaper. I didn't really have any ideas for the suitcases until I read this post from Mrs. Dachshund. I loved her inspiration picture...

as well as her take on it. BM Cali mentioned this idea when she was in town, but seeing pictures of it really helped me to see that it could be done. The project really only involved a lot of painful some cutting, super glue and some ribbon.

I started out with cutting the bottom of the smallest suitcase.

Love those flexible colorful cutting mats. Once the bottom was cut I lined it up with the top of the middle sized suitcase and cut that.

I repeated the cutting of bottom and top with the last suitcase and then added a little ribbon. I didn't want to glue them together just yet, because they take up less space (which we are quickly running out of in our apartment) nestled together. Here they are stacked together with a little card tag.

I really love how they turned out, but I was a little worried about if the cards would really fit in there. Thanks to the handful of cards lying around I was able to test it and even sent a little video to Mr. E (who was at work) to see what he thought.

Cute right? I'm sure that's what he thought of my video message. ;)

After considering our guest count, I worried that the 3 suitcases might not be enough space, so I picked up a travel themed storage box at Michael's to add to the bottom of the stack. I cut out the lid and will glue it all together closer to the wedding.

Will you be doing a unique spin on your card box?


Ally said...

I usually don't like card boxes but I LOVE your box!

Lauren said...

Thank you Ally!