Monday, August 9, 2010

To Top It Off

Ooooo, I wonder what this post could possibly be about?? If you haven't already guessed I'll give you a little hint...

That's right, cake toppers! When I first thought of cake toppers I thought I would DIY some bling to our initials like this

And then I started researching more on the web and noticed the ever so popular birds

But then while flipping through the Knot magazine I saw a picture of this cake and just had to have it!

From the Knot

This cake was perfect and helped to inspire our travel theme. After my other great experiences with Etsy and ordering our stamps, I figured it wouldn't hurt to look around and see if I could get a custom cake topper fashioned like the suitcases you see on our inspiration cake.

I searched the polymer clay creations and found this one... how perfect is that for us?

From Etsy Seller mudcards

It nails the interracial aspect of us, maybe not so much on the bride pulling the groom away from his Xbox 360.  Now a days Mr. E barely has time to play games, so when he does I don't have any problem with it. There may be a little bit in the budget for this to go next to or on top of the groom's cake (which will have a gaming theme), so I'll cross my fingers for that.

I messaged mudcards (Keren, who was the same vendor that made Miss Cardigan's topper) and asked if she could make a custom cake topper in our colors based on that Knot photo. Keren was awesome! She said she would make it, at no charge and send me pictures. If I liked it, then I could purchase it, if not then no harm no foul. About 4 weeks later I received an Etsy conversation with pictures of the cake topper, I was so excited!

YAY!! They are just what I was looking for. I love the initials on the suitcase which will be the front of the cake. This will also help us when we begin the vendor search for a cake baker, making it easier to visualize our inspiration. And just because she's a cutie, here's Gypsy checking out the cake topper.

What are you doing for the top of your cake? Did you have an interesting or custom cake topper made?

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