Friday, August 13, 2010

Bridal Buys

Are you an impulse buyer?  I know there have been times when I see something and feel the need to buy it.  I just can't help it sometimes!

While looking for a dress with Mama Elephant, I wondered around to check out some of the many wedding items  that they put on display for brides to buy, possibly on impulse. These caught my eye...

Aren't they cute!!  We could always use another set of luggage tags for our bags.  Or we could always get these for our passports.

A little part of me wanted to pick them up for the fun of it, to show off on our honeymoon.  Maybe get that elusive first class upgrade when checking in for our flight?? But the practical (for the moment) side told me there were better things to spend my money on right now.  Maybe the magical gift fairy will drop them by for us?  A girl can dream ;)

Did planning get you in the mood to make "impulse" purchases related to wedding?

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