Monday, October 13, 2014

After The Wedding: How the Elephants are Growing Together

Hive - it seems like forever since I blogged about our wedding!

It's been a while (a good 3.5 years), so many of you may not remember me.  Mr, Elephant and I had an amazing blue and green, travel themed wedding in Texas back in April 2011.  We found our creative sides and added several DIY touches to our ceremony and reception.

Since our wedding, life has thrown us some ups and downs, but through it all we have really grown together as husband and wife.  We have become a team, working together to achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.

Last year was probably the biggest year of growth for us.  After an initial set back regarding a mistake with Mr. Elephant's electives he was finally able to finish his IT degree.  I don't think I've ever been so proud of my husband as I was the day he walked across that stage to receive his diploma.

Another huge goal of ours was also achieved that same month when we moved into our first home!

It took some time, a couple sacrifices and a lot of saving to make our homeowner dreams come true. Through the home buying process we learned about ourselves, our must haves and our wants for our first home.  We learned that we don't always have the same taste in decorating, and I found out my husband has several handy skills such as replacing toilets and the garbage disposal.  Although it seemed never ending, Mr. E and I really bonded over our late night painting sessions before we moved in.  

Oh yeah, and there was one other exciting event for us last year. 

That's right!  We found out we were expecting our first child!  Baby E was due to arrive in April 2014, but decided to throw us all for a loop by making his arrival 6 weeks early.

These first 7 months have been challenging, but also so rewarding. We are learning more about ourselves as parents everyday, especially how to function on less sleep than before. The birth of Baby E has brought a totally different aspect to our bond as a team.  While we are there for our child, we are also there more for each other than we were before as a couple. When one is struggling, the other picks up the slack.  I feel that we are more considerate of each other's feelings and try hard to always put our family first.

It's amazing to look back and relive the memories from our wedding day, and to see how far we have come.  I know that as the years continue to roll by, Mr. E and I will continue to grow as a team and as a family.