Thursday, June 30, 2011

Passport To Love: From The Heart

Mr. E has a way with words.  His words are so meaningful to me because of the fact that he is the typical "dead sea" from The Five Love Languages when it comes to communication style.  Leading up to the wedding I always knew that I wanted to exchange cards on the day of.  Mr. E wanted to exchange gifts at the rehearsal dinner, but I asked to save the cards for the day of.

Our rings inside of the book Mr. E wrote for me

Funny fact about Mr. E and I, we can't hold off on surprises for the life of us.  I still remember one Christmas where I went out bright and early on Black Friday to secure a PS3 for Mr. E.  I lasted all but about 6 hours before I spilled the beans and told him what I purchased.  Following in similar fashion, we actually ended up exchanging wedding gifts at home by ourselves the week of the wedding.  He gifted me an awesome camcorder and I gave him a PSP.  We did save a couple of smaller gifts for the wedding weekend including his grandmother's hankerchief and the Superman cufflinks.  The most touching gift by far was a book of poems and stories that he had written for me.

Mr. E had the book printed and bound at a local shop.  He had the L for our last name (from our monogram) pressed into the front of the book, which was in our signature blue and green colors.

I read some of the book the night of the rehearsal, but was instructed to save a taped off portion for the morning of the wedding.  I was smart enough to read it before my makeup was applied, because from the opening words I was in tears.

Personal picture

His words are from the heart, and I feel like they are a window to his soul.  He wrote about his childhood, his dreams, love, children, religion and our future. I learned more about the life he has led and am amazed that through all of that adversity he could become the man that he is today. As BM Philly said that day, it takes a strong man to show his sensitive side.

Sharing a touching section with Mama E 

I wondered when he had the time to write this 64 page book and he later told me that he did them during my "naps".  I laughed because he was referring to the time between 10pm and 12am when I normally fall asleep on the couch while he's watching tv, working on homework or playing a game.

I want to share one of the poems that he wrote in particular for our wedding day.

It has been so long,
this journey to today.
To make it special
in every way.

Tears will flow,
and love will grow,
and a bond confirmed
for all to behold.

Give me your hand
and I will give you mine.
Walking down as two,
one last time.

what a wonderful day.
the beginning of the next journey.
And forever after,
the greatest time to live in.

For today you have made me happy,
beyond the time,
beyond the journey,
beyond all obstacles.

Today is ours,
forever remembered,
as the day you and I
became a couple 
of Lords

Will you be exchanging cards the day of your wedding?

All photos from Lynn Michelle unless otherwise noted

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