Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Passport To Love: Make Me Up

With my tears wiped away, it was time to get started on my hair and make up.  The one take away from my hair trail was to make the bun a little bigger, which we accomplished by purchasing longer extensions.  We made use of the first set of extensions by clipping them in for Mama E's hair style.

Pinning in several bobby pins

I loved the added volume of my bun! Right around this time, our planner Kathie brought up the flowers for me to look over.  I mentioned before that I am not a big fan of flowers, but I loved how my bouquet turned out.  My late grandmother's brooch on the front was the perfect something old!

I handed off my flowers so Vetty could get started on my airbrush makeup.

Probably shouldn't try and talk when getting airbrushed 

With the exception of wiping off so much makeup due to all of the dancing during the reception, I would say that my make up held up very well!

With hair and makeup complete it was time to finally put on these beautiful dresses!

Will you be making any changes from your hair or makeup trials to your wedding day?

All photos from Lynn Michelle 

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