Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Passport To Love: All Hands On Dress

It was all hands on deck when it came to getting me into that big white dress!

One thing that I asked for prior to the wedding was to keep the group inside the bridal suite to a minimum.  I really wanted to relax and enjoy the getting ready process without 20 million people in and out of the room.  I truly cherished this time with my four best friends and my mom.

MOH Navy took the reigns and started the timely process of lacing up my corset back. BM Cali and BM Philly were there for me to lean on while the back was tightened.

Almost done.

Our videographer Austin Walton was there to catch the last bit of lacing up the dress.

Looks like the natural highlights are peaking out

With the dress laced up, it was time for Vetty to show Mama E how to add the gorgeous veil that she gifted me. It was very important for me to have these shots because some of my favorite pictures from my parents' wedding were those of my mom and grandmother putting on her veil.  You'll notice that my original blue earrings did make an appearance on our wedding day in Mama E's ears.

Dress and veil complete, it was time to add all of the fun details including my borrowed earrings, my necklace, garters and shoes.

One last spritz of perfume.

I took a moment to let it all soak in.  Two years of planning and the day was finally here.  I was finally a bride!

I was also a bride who was excited to go.  It was almost time to meet Mr. E for our first look!

Next up: Mr. E gets ready...with sock puppets?

Will you have a big crowd with you to get ready or will you keep the number down?

All photos from Lynn Michelle

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