Thursday, July 7, 2011

Passport To Love: Mr. E Becomes A Groom

While it was all hands on deck to make me a bride, Mr. E had a very chill afternoon before donning his groom's gear.

He took a moment to read the card that I wrote that morning.  I must have had a joke or two thrown in for good measure because the pictures all show him with a big smile on his face.

We ordered food to be delivered for the guys to munch on before getting ready.  The girls had tea sandwiches and veggies while the guys snacked on chicken fingers and fries.  Gotta love guys! It took Mr. E close to no time at all to get ready.

Suit on, chufflinks in...

tie his tie...

and play with sock puppets?

I'm glad he had a little fun while getting ready.  He finished with his socks, shoes and jacket and he was ready to go.  Guys have it so easy!

With both the bride and groom ready it to go, it was time for our first look!

All photos from Lynn Michelle

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