Thursday, July 14, 2011

Passport To Love: My Long Walk

With the bridal party in place at the gazebo it was time for Daddy E and I to make a walk that he has been so excited about since the day Mr. E popped the question.

We walked down to Somewhere Over the Rainbow played on the steel drums.  I still tear up whenever this song comes up on my iPod.

Mr E. was a little teary eyed as I walked closer.

The thing about my walk down the aisle is that I could not see Mr. E for more than half of it.  Walking out of the building and towards the ceremony I could really only see our guests up until we turned the corner towards the first archway.

When I first connected with Mr. E the emotions started to take over again.  I didn't think that either of us would get as emotional since we did a first look and all of our portraits before the ceremony, but there is still something about walking towards the person you are about to profess your life long love to that just touches the heart.

I tried to smile through the emotions, because I knew the cameras were on me, but you can still see the early stages of the ugly cry.  We made it to the front where I gave a kiss to my dad and then he placed my hand in Mr. E's. 

We were ready to wed.

If you had a first look, did you still get emotional during your walk to the alter?

All photos from Lynn Michelle

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