Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Passport To Love: Bridal Processional

Once the guests were seated it was time to start our bridal processional.

My cousin Jason escorting Mama E

Daddy E and I listened from the balcony of the bridal suite as the steel drummer started off with Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring for my godmother (Aunt Bunny) and Mama E to walk down to, then switched to Pachelbel's Canon in D for the bridal party. (This is not our steel drummer, but he sounded very similar).

Revered Rosset led the way with Mr. E and his brother/best man

 Guest photo

Followed by our bridal party pairs.

Groomsman Runner and his wife BM Aggie.  I met both of them through the co-ed business fraternity Phi Beta Lambda that we were all members of at Texas A&M.  Mr. E and I are so lucky to be able to live near them (hopefully closer after the house hunt) and eat their awesome gourmet cooking whenever we can!

Groomsman Wake boarder and his wife BM Cali.  BM Cali is MOH Navy's cousin and was our college roomie for our junior and senior years at A&M.  Groomsman Wake boarder is another Aggie who was the college roommate of my high school friend. Mr. E and I love our weekend road trips to hang out on the lake with them and can't wait to meet their little bundle of joy!

Groosman Brother E and BM Philly.  Obviously I've know Brother E my whole life, and I've known BM Philly almost that long as well.  Our parents met in Lamaze class with our older brothers who were born 2 weeks apart and our families have been friends ever since. 

And then MOH Navy, who I have known since we were paired together during an athletic program the summer before sophomore year of high school, made her solo trip down the aisle.  MOH Navy and I have been through so much together from high school prom, college at Texas A&M and studying abroad in Mexico.  I was so lucky to have her stand besides me as I said my vows.

As the guests rose and turned towards the back, it was time for Daddy E and I to make that memorable walk down the aisle.

What song will your bridal party walk down to?

All photos from Lynn Michelle unless otherwise noted

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