Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Passport To Love: Dancing Into The Reception

We asked our bridal party to dance into the reception to "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock and they did not disappoint!

Mr. E and I fed off of their energy for our entrance to Fall Out Boy's "The Take Over, The Break's Over"

Guest Photo

We opted to go right into our first dance while everyone was already focused on the dance floor.  Our first dance was to "Good Morning Beautiful" by Steve Holy which had a personal connection for Mr. E and I.

We thought about taking dance lessons, (and even went to one) but when we saw how expensive it was going to be we decided to nix it. So get ready for a little sway action.

Good morning beautiful
How was your night
Mine was wonderful with you by my side
When I open my eyes and see your sweet face
It's a good morning beautiful day.

I couldn't see the light
I didn't know day from night
I had no reason to care
But since you came along
I can face the dawn,
'Cause I know you'll be there

I'm never worried if it's raining outside
Because in here with you girl,
The sun always shines

Will you have your first dance earlier or later in the reception?

All photos from Lynn Michelle unless otherwise noted

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