Thursday, July 21, 2011

Passport To Love: A Little Alone Time

Directly following our pronouncement as husband and wife, Mr. E and I walked a separate path than our bridal party to soak in those first married moments alone.

We couldn't stop laughing at me being Mr. E's "lawfully wedded life".

We walked around the grounds and took some more pictures, making use of the beautiful natural backdrop.

And of course made sure to get that shoe shot.

At this point the storm clouds were pretty close, rolling in and about to pour down. Lynn made the decision to go ahead and get a few more shots with us because there was no way we would be coming back out for "sunset pictures".

This is probably my absolute favorite from the wedding.  I'm so excited to see it on the cover of our album!

You can really see how quickly it got dark by the time we headed back to the gazebo.

We made sure to get in a couple of extended family photos before the skies opened up.  

With that shot we packed it up and headed inside.

Did the weather change your plans on your wedding day?

All photos from Lynn Michelle

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