Monday, June 27, 2011

Passport To Love: Relax, Prep & Shuffle

Once the small issue with getting into the Crowne suite was settled, it was time to hug it out and enjoy my morning with my mom and closest friends.

That's a non alcoholic mimosa for BM Cali and her baby bump

We relaxed, chatted and and prepared to get pampered.  BM Aggie and BM Philly took some time to check out the morning golf tournament from our balcony.

I made sure to order food to be sent to the room while we were getting ready so that no one got hungry around lunch time.  We also snacked on some left over goodies from the OOT boxes.

Shortly after getting into the Crowne suite, our make up artist and hair stylist had arrived and began setting up.

While the girls took turns in the make up chair and hair chair, MOH Navy and I went around taking pictures.  Knowing that one of our photographers would be interested in taking detail shots, I decided to line them all up on the counter for easy access to grab and go.

MOH Navy captured this awesome shot of me taking detail pics with my dress hanging in the mirror

Who would have thought that picking up a wedding day card for Mr. E would be so difficult for me.  I tried a couple of stores and was less than impressed with their small selection of wedding cards for the bride and groom to exchange with each other.  Thankfully my cousin's wife (and our house party member) Olympia ran out and picked up a card so I could write a note that morning.

During the planning period, I made a playlist of wedding tunes with songs from our ceremony and on our reception must play list.  I listened to this playlist over and over during those 2 years, always day dreaming about what the day would actually be like.  Now, here we were the morning of the wedding listening to these songs and it just ramped up the excitement for me.  When "Cupid Shuffle" came on Mama E wanted a refresher so she would be ready to dance to it that night. MOH Navy and BM Philly were there to help her out.

I left the shoe selection up to my friends, any pair of silver shoes would work.  Many had shoes in their own closets, but couldn't make a decision.   MOH Navy brought a couple of shoes for us to help her choose from.

She went with the ones on the right

We took some time to sneak downstairs and see how our planner Kathie and the staff were doing with the set up of the reception room.  It looked AMAZING!!  We got to see the uplighting, pinspotting and place settings.  I did not envy the person who was sitting on the floor patiently filling all of our take out boxes with our handmade chocolates.  We timed it just right to see the cakes being delivered.  They looked exactly how we planned them! I can't wait to share all of that in a later recap.

By this time we got back upstairs and looked outside, we spotted our photographers walking around scouting out shooting locations.  I was so excited to see Lynn, Viv and Audrey!  They headed upstairs and we had story time to talk about the morning's events.

With our photographers there it was time for me to get my makeup and hair done!

Are you looking forward to some quality time with your friends the morning of your wedding?

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