Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Passport To Love: Practice Makes Perfect

Once the dress was safe and sound in our hotel room, we swung by the Fairfield and picked up Mr. E to head up to the Tribute for our rehearsal.

We found our places up at the gazebo.

As you may have noticed, I went with the hive's advice to go with a bolder necklace with my rehearsal dress. I love, love, love my rehearsal bouquet from MOH Navy!  It was just perfect, and a keepsake I will cherish years to come!

We took a moment for prayer before recessing back towards the building that we would walk out of the next day.

Brother E

I love the way Groomsman Wakeboarder is looking at his wife BM Cali

Once we were back in the building, we turned around and practiced the processional.  Since the walk was a little long, I thought it was best for the bridal party to go down in pairs, except for MOH Navy who would walk by herself (since the best man walked in with Mr. E)

Mama E and Aunt Bunny looked on as Daddy E and I made our walk down the aisle.

Once we got to the gazebo I was surprised by Mr. E, which brought me to tears.

What was it that brought me to tears?  You'll have to wait until next time!

Did you have any memorable moments during your rehearsal?

All photos from Lynn Michelle

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