Thursday, June 9, 2011

Passport To Love: Welcome Cocktail Party

Thursday was the real kick off of our wedding weekend!  Mr. E and I started the day off with some relaxing massages (which were a little stressful to book.  Spas - don't do a groupon if you're not ready to handle the response). After our massages, we enjoyed a late lunch with BM Philly and her fiancée who had just flown in from Connecticut and then we were on our way to my parents house.  Mama E and Daddy E hosted a welcome cocktail party for any friends or family members that had arrived in town early.  Nothing better at a cocktail party than a signature drink made with our wedding colors in mind!

Those blue martinis were a major hit with our guests as were all of the apps that Aunt Bunny prepared.

I got to see Daddy E for the first time that week.

We mixed and mingled, ate and drank while I played around with our new camera.

BM Philly, MOH Navy and Me

Brother E enjoying the signature drink

Mama E and me

Cheers Jas (my cousin and one of our ushers)

Mom, Dad & Ms. M (BM Philly's mom and one of our readers)

We ended the night with one of our family traditions which is to celebrate with shots (just like we did after bridesmaid dress shopping).  I was driving so my shot was of sprite, do you think anyone noticed? ;)

 Aunt Bunny did the honors of toasting the bride and groom.

It was such a fun, laid back atmosphere to hang out with our guests and really get to talk with them. As many of you know (or will know when your wedding arrives), it's very hard to be able to have long conversations with your guests.  You feel like you need to talk to everyone and there really isn't enough time to do so.  This welcome party allowed us to talk with our guests in a way that we would not be able to at the reception.

Will you have a chance to hang out with your guests before your wedding day?

Wedding Week

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