Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Passport To Love: Tex Mex Delight

Once our guests had left their mark and found their seats it was time to eat!

Before a blessing of the food, we took a moment to thank Rev. Rosset from coming all the way from Arkansas to officiate our wedding, and for my Dad's childhood friend and his wife for coming all the way from Trinidad and Tobago for our wedding.

Rev. Rosset, her husband and Mama E

As our bridal party finished up their meals (and after some filled up on seconds) we handed out packets of information which I typed up using Mrs. Daffodil's template.  Everyone was so impressed with it, so a huge thank you Mrs. Daffodil!

After the important stuff was handled, we got to the fun part of handing out gifts.

My cousin, and usher, Jason still reading his packet

We were SO excited to thank our bridal party for hanging in there for such a long engagement, and helping anyway they could during those 2 years.

We gifted all of the guys ties for the wedding.  This was the tie for the ushers.

For our ushers, I decided to make their gifts specific to their tastes which ranged from super hero shirts and best buy gift cards, to monogrammed beer mugs and wine glasses

My girls received their hangers for the next day as well as their jewelry.

Then it was time for the Coach surprise!

While my girls were opening their purses, the guys were opening their shoes.

Hugs all around.

We thanked Daddy E and Mama E for hosting our rehearsal dinner with their shadow box of DIY projects and a new wallet to make up for all of that money he burned through for our wedding.  Right after mom opened the shadow box, she was showing it off to her sister's family - giving them a heads up on the DIY goodness they will see at the wedding.

I found the idea of personalized handkerchiefs for the mothers from another local bride (thanks Stephie!).  I reached out to Etsy seller Chrissy's Creations, and was able to pick the font, color and saying for both mothers.

I gave Mr. E his chufflinks, and then he had me in tears again.  (What is it with him making me cry??)

What was it this time?  Mr. E surprised me with a 64 page book of poems and stories that he wrote about love, life, his past and our future.  I'll go into more detail about the book in a later recap.

We wrapped up the dinner with some more pictures with our friends and family.

Mr. E and me with our parents

 Mr. E getting in on the male cousins picture from my mom's side of the family

Mama E with two of her sisters

After we nudged the last of our guests out the door (we had gone well over our 2 hour period), we did a quick clean up and then headed back to the hotel for more drinks and conversation.

Who will you be including in your rehearsal dinner?

All photos from Lynn Michelle

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