Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Passport To Love: Errands and Pampering

After my weekend get away to NOLA, I had the full week prior to our wedding free to do anything I wanted/needed to do.  Without any DIY projects to work on, the week was spent running errands and "cleaning" the apartment.  When I say clean, I mean as clean as you can get with DIY projects, gifts and other wedding stuff all over a 2 bedroom apartment.

Monday - I went for my last dress fitting with Becky, who is just the sweetest person ever!  (If you're in the Dallas area and need a tailor PM me and I'll send her info).

Everything fit great and we discussed using "top stick" to keep the top of the dress from moving around.  After much thought...well, really not that much thought, I think in the back of my mind I always knew what shoes I wanted to change into for our reception.

I loved the fact that Mr. E would be wearing his and I thought it would only be right to wear mine, plus they are super comfy!  Since there was a huge height difference between my heels (and what my dress was hemmed to) and my chucks, Becky taught mom how to pin up the bottom of my dress for the reception.

Tuesday - We packed up all of the DIY projects.

Half of our stuff

I think one of the best moves was to print out a "box contents" page for each box.  Since I had pictures of all of the projects (documented for blog posts), I made a quick word doc that illustrated everything in each box and taped it to the top of the box.  I also printed all of the box contents pages and gave a set to our planner and the venue coordinator. I think this info made their jobs much easier while setting up on Saturday.

We loaded up the Escape (don't underestimate the size of a small SUV) and dropped it all off at the venue.

From there we swung by and picked up Mr. E's tux from Men's Warehouse.

Lookin' good!

Wednesday - Yay for a mom and me pamper day!!  Mama E treated me to a relaxer and a mani/pedi on Wednesday.  It was really nice to just relax with my mom and really get excited about all of the guests that would be arriving the next day.

Are you planning any activities to help you relax the week before your wedding?

Days before the big day

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

Stopped coming to weddingbee since the wedding but glad your wedding recaps continues...looks like you had a blast on the honeymoon...you gotta love mexico!