Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Elefantes en México - The Activities

It wasn't just sun, sand, food & drinks for the Elephants while on our honeymoon in Mexico.  Excellence Playa Mujeres had several day time activities as well as night time shows. 

  Fire show

Every night when housekeeping would turn down our bed, they left a list of the activities for the next day.  We watched a cooking class, took a tour of the kitchen (where I was spotted by a Weddingbee reader!) and Mr. E tried his hand at rifle shooting.

The targets were so small

This was how far away you had to stand back to aim

Sadly Mr. E didn't win the rifle shooting (and I really could have used another massage!).  Speaking of massages, we had a couples massage by the ocean which was so relaxing.  After the massage we enjoyed champagne with chocolate covered strawberries and watched the waves roll in.

We went off of the property twice during the week.  Once was to take the ferry over to Isla Mujeres for souvenir shopping.

And the second time was for our excursion to the Xcaret ecological park in Playa del Carmen.  

I researched online before our trip and booked something that Mr. E and I have always wanted to do, swim with dolphins!

We got to pose for pictures, and do tricks with the dolphins which included the foot push, having them sing to us and belly rubs.

Once we dried off and paid an arm and a leg for the photos and DVD of the dolphin swim, we headed to the wine cellar caves for a wine tasting.

Our wine tasting ended up being a personal one since the other group of 6 was delayed at the dolphin swim.  We had food pairings with 5 different Mexican wines.

The 5 wines we tasted

The second course included a Carpaccio of Red Snapper and Salmon with Chardonnay

The fourth pairing was duck with mole sauce and Shiraz

Mr. E is a fan of the dry wines

And there you have it.  A honeymoon which was a perfect balance of relaxation and activities.  We really enjoyed getting away for a week, and most of all spending time together as husband and wife.

Are there any activities or excursions that you will be doing on your honeymoon?

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