Monday, June 13, 2011

Passport To Love: Bridal Breakfast

I was up bright and early on Friday morning having an oh so fun conversation with the hotel.  We had learned Thursday night that our guests who had checked in were not given the OOT boxes that we had dropped off earlier in the week.  Really?  Not something I wanted to deal with, but I wanted to make sure this was taken care of before the rest of our guests started arriving. I was told that the boxes had been locked up due to an inspection and the night manager was not given the key to that room.  They assured me that they would personally deliver the boxes to those guests that had already checked in, and the rest of the boxes were moved to the front desk for those checking in that day.

With that taken care of  (and since everyone else was still sleeping in our apartment) I took the time to write my sign off post and reflect on the 755 day journey that brought us to where we were.  Thinking about where we started and how far we had come really made me emotional.

No more time for tears, Mama E was hosting a bridal breakfast and we needed to get on the road!  BM Philly and I got dressed, said so long to the guys (don't worry Daddy E was treating all of the guys to breakfast at the Mimi's near our apartment) and headed up to Allen to meet up with the rest of the ladies.

The whole group

MOH Navy, me, BM Philly and BM Aggie

Breakfast was another small group setting that I really enjoyed.  All of these wonderful women were in town to celebrate our wedding and this was another chance for me to be able to talk with them and feed off of their excitement for our up coming wedding.

BM Philly and her mom

We ate and drank, but I guess we didn't party it up as much as the guys who I heard had more than one round of mimosas with their breakfast.

After a tasty breakfast, MOH Navy, BM Philly and I headed back to the apartment so I could finish packing for the weekend.  We got to talking and before I knew it, it was time to pack up the cars and head for the hotel.  Thankfully BM Philly had rented a car because there was no way we could fit all of the bridal party gifts, our suitcases and 5 people in one car.

Several bags of gifts

Our hotel situation worked out so well.  We set up a hotel block at the Fairfield where all of our guests were staying, and right next door (as in they share the same parking lot) was the Residence Inn which is where I booked a 2 bedroom suite for the girls and me to stay the night before the wedding.  We dropped off Mr. E and then headed over to our hotel to unload our bags. I'm glad that the Fairfield put the majority of our guests on the same floor.  This made it so easy for everyone to meet up with a couple of cocktails in between the events of the weekend.

Mama E let me know that she was on her way from the other hotel to bring my dress.  I had to quickly call Mr. E, who was heading for the lobby, and tell him to stay put until further notice.  

With the element of surprise still in tact, we hung up the dress and got ready to rehearse!

Did your FI have any potential run ins with your dress before the big day?

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