Sunday, June 26, 2011

Passport To Love: My Mini Meltdown

Once we checked out of the hotel it was time to head up to the Tribute and for me to experience a mini meltdown.

The thing with the Tribute is that part of our wedding package included rooms for the bridal party and groom's party to get ready in.  One of the major perks (and added selling point for us) is the size of the Crowne suite for the bridal party which is then the Newlywed suite for the night.  This place is huge, and I loved the fact that we wouldn't be on top of each other while getting ready.

MOH Navy taking a picture of me taking detail pictures

Other half of the room (MOH Navy Pic)

The catch is, if there is a wedding the night before the room is not available until 1 pm (gotta let those newlyweds sleep in).  If this was the case we would have been in a smaller room until the bridal suite was available.  Lucky for us, there was no wedding the night before so we were able to get into the room as early as we wanted.  I let the venue coordinator know that we would be getting there around 10:30 since our hair and make up team would be starting at 11.

We arrive at the Tribute, get some carts to haul all of our suitcases and dresses upstairs and find out that the room is locked.  No problem, we head down the hall to see if the housekeeper had a key to let us in.  She didn't, so one of my girls went downstairs to the pro shop to ask if they could open up the Crowne suite.  One of the guys comes running upstairs and knocks on the door.  I was a little confused since the room was blocked off for us, and lo and behold there is a response from inside.  The pro shop guy asks how long until they can get out of the room, and then told me it would be some time for the couple to get out and have the room cleaned.

Cue mini meltdown.

I started to tear up and told him that he needed to get that room cleaned up as fast as possible since our hair and make up team were on their way and I did not want to have them set up in one room to then move into another.  I was upset because I wanted to get settled and begin to enjoy the morning.

Mama E and my girls clamed me down.  We headed down the hall to wait in another room while that person vacated the room.  Bethany (the venue coordinator) came up and apologized profusely for the breakdown in communication.  Turns out the couple in the room was there to help out with the golf tournament or friends with an employee or something (in my mini meltdown state I wasn't really paying attention) and they had another room for Saturday night, but since the big suite was open Friday night they decided to sleep there.  Bethany informed us that the room would be cleaned that second and we would be in it in no time.  She also offered some mimosas to help calm me down (free alcohol is always a plus).

Mama E and I enjoying mimosas once we got into the bridal suite

Looking back I realize that this was nothing to cry over, but in that moment I saw it as a sign that everything that day was going to go wrong.  I so wanted to be the "zen bride" but my emotions got the better of me.  There are definitely worse things that could happen and I'm happy to say that the only other tears that fell from my eyes that day were happy tears.

Did any other brides have non-zen moments during the planning period or on their big day?

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