Thursday, June 16, 2011

Passport To Love: Rehearsal Tears

What was it that brought me to tears?

Mr. E's mom offered his grandmother's handkerchief as a gift for the wedding.  Mr. E took it one step further and asked MIL Elephant to embroider it with our wedding logo and saying "Dry your tears and always smile.  With love from Chris".  This sentiment from Mr. E started a rush of emotion.  Lucky for me I had something to dry those tears.

Once I composed myself, we continued walking through the ceremony with help from one of our passport programs

Mama E held it in much better then I thought she would as she watched our rehearsal.

We listened to Rev Rosset explain how the ceremony would go and our readers practiced their timing.

I found the ring exchange part really funny for some reason.  Maybe it was the excitement of knowing that Mr. E would soon be wearing that ring for the rest of his life as a symbol of our love.

After the ring exchange we ended with a kiss and then headed back up the aisle one last time.  The next time we would walk up the aisle would be as man and wife!

Mr. E's brother and best man sped from the airport to make it in time for the end of the ceremony

BM Philly and Brother E

BM Aggie and Groomsman Runner, the other married couple in our wedding party

With the rehearsal complete, we headed back to the hotel to kill some time before dinner.  We had to schedule our rehearsal at the venue to start no later than 2 pm, just in case they had a Friday night wedding to set up for.  I had to make a pit stop since I was running on fumes (get gas ahead of time!), but it turns out there were another 4 cars that were following me that also needed gas.  We filled up the cars and picked up some more wine and beer for fun times at the hotel.

I think this was my reaction to a Michael Jackson dance throw down between our usher Brett and Aunt Bunny.

Was your rehearsal pretty quick and easy?

All photos from Lynn Michelle

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