Thursday, October 1, 2009

The dreaded RSVP police

If you haven’t already figured out, I watch my fair share of TV. Thank goodness for the DVR so I can watch it on my time!

Jim & Pam filming the Office Wedding

On this last week’s episode of The Office, Pam was planning for her wedding to Jim. They invited all of their co-workers but decided to have it at Niagara Falls (they live/work in Scranton, PA) in hopes that people would not come. Their boss Michael decides to give everyone off work Friday and Monday so they can go to the wedding, if they don’t go they have to work. So the choice is between having a 4 day weekend or working, I of course would take option A.

So Pam has to go around the office asking everyone for their RSVPs as well as dinner options, and gets a wide arrange of answers from her co-workers, all funny in their own way.

The headache Pam goes through reminds me of the RSVP stories that I have heard and am not looking forward to. We put the RSVP due date 3 weeks before the wedding, this will give us some time to follow up with those that we have not heard from and still get the final head count into our venue a week before the wedding.

I have a strong suspicion that mom and dad will be doing most of the follow up with their respective sides of the guest list since I’m expecting our friends to respond (our group of friends have had like 4 or 5 weddings in the past year, they should know the drill by the time our wedding rolls around haha).

Did you have to do a lot of follow up to get RSVP responses?

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