Saturday, October 31, 2009

DIY projects with a side of pain

Happy Halloween!

Chris & me Halloween 2008

I don’t have a scary story to tell, but in a way DIY projects can get scary…

I’ve started to notice a little trend while working on DIY projects at home – sometimes they hurt!

- While cutting paper for our Save the Dates in our living room, my back started to hurt from leaning over to use the cutter on the coffee table. So I moved to the floor so my back was supported by the front of the couch, but my butt started to get a little numb from the floor.

- I’ve burned my fingers once or twice with the hot glue gun while working on the pomanders.

- My right index finger started to hurt from the repetitive pushing in of floral wire around the tissue paper flowers into the Styrofoam ball.

- I took a little slice to my finger while cutting petals from the silk flower stem

- I scraped my leg on the edge of the guest bed while taking pictures of DIY projects. LOL, I know this one is more of my being clumsy then anything else.

All in all, none of the pain is anything too major. But whenever my back hurts from cutting paper or my thumb hurts from the scissors when rounding tissue flowers I remind myself that the money I’m saving by doing it myself is worth a little pain.

Did you have any accidents with your DIY projects?

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