Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back to our roots: Tobago Beach Day (Day 4)

Saturday was a gorgeous beach day! We couldn’t have asked for better weather. The day started like all of our Tobago days with the yummy breakfast buffet and then we proceeded to stake out some chairs and enjoy the beach with a good book and the Nintendo DS.

Us at breakfast

View from my beach chair

Under our natural umbrella

The water was so clear and at a perfect temperature! I stayed in until my fingers started to prune and then headed back to dry out on my chair.

In the water

My ring

Once our time in the sun & water was over we changed and walked over to the public entrance of Store Bay to try another island delicacy for lunch – conk and dumplings. Dad didn’t know if we would like it so he only bought one and let us try it… that stuff was so good that he quickly went back and picked up 2 more for us all to share.

Chris enjoying conk and dumplings

We walked around the area near the hotel before returning to the hotel and watching a little college football (told you I was a big football fan) and relaxing until Stumpy picked us up again.

We learned that there was going to be a wedding at the hotel at 4 pm that day and if we wanted to watch we could from the balcony area. It was a very pretty set up of white and red.

Although the view was magnificent to recite your vows, I would not have wanted all of the beach onlookers who were no doubt in the backdrop of the pictures (at least we were above the wedding so we wouldn’t be in the pictures).

The bride walking down with her mother

Groom and Bride at the alter

We couldn’t stay long enough to see them pronounced husband and wife as we were off to another round of visits from Dad’s past, but we did see them the next morning at breakfast. We ended the night with some more smoothies (those things were so good) while watching kids practice the steel pan (which Trinidad and Tobago is the birthplace of).

Up next our departure from Tobago and a quick stop in Trinidad before heading home

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