Monday, October 26, 2009

Back to our roots: Tobago Island Adventure (Day 3)

We (and by we I mean me who then gently woke up Chris) got up early, checked out the amazing view of the bay from our balcony

Threw on some swimsuits and headed out to explore the resort

Love this picture of us, it just screams island vacation

Chris in the early morning chilly water

Once we did a little walking around, we went back to our room to change and meet the rest of the fam for a delicious breakfast buffet with interesting visitors

The owl was there to keep away the little birds from stealing food from the tables

Stumpy was there to pick us up around 9 am to begin our journey down Dad’s memory lane. The majority of the day was spent driving around the island reuniting Dad with friends and family that he probably hasn’t seen since he moved to the states back in the late 60s. We stopped by Stumpy’s hardware store, which was more like a mini version of a Wal-Mart with all of the non hardware items he sells.

Drinking some Solo (Caribbean drink) at Stumpy’s Hardware

He picked up a rental van so we would not have to climb into the 3rd row of his Land Rover, but the rental was crap and died on us several times before we finally had to push it back to Stumpy’s and call the rental place to pick it up. The climb to the back of Stumpy’s Land Rover was worth it to have a nice ride for the day! We stopped for lunch at a popular Roti place where Chris tried it for the first time and really liked it. Here's Dennis & Chris chowing down

Along the way down Dad’s memory land we also made stops to Stumpy’s brothers and sisters stores before heading to Fort George.

Dad and me in front of the Fort George sign

This fort has been around since the 1770s and is still mainly in tact with original cannons and lighthouse.

Dennis, Chris and Me by cannon

Family shot in front of the lighthouse

The final stop for the day was to the street that Dad grew up on. His house is no longer there (land was sold and there is now an ATM and doctors office there) but we did get to see an old mango tree that was there back when Dad was a kid, and Stumpy’s original family store (which was next door to Dad’s house growing up, hence how they became such close friends).

Dad in front of the old mango tree

It was getting dark, and we were getting kinda hungry so we picked up some smoothies and pizza and headed back to our hotel to call it a night.

Next up, beach day!

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