Sunday, October 11, 2009

No reason to go to waste

You may remember that we’re going to use tissue paper pomanders for our ceremony. The first one I made was a little bit on the short side, which probably wouldn’t cut it with the garden chairs we will be using. I also used blue tissue paper from Michael’s which was a little lighter than the royal blue I found at Party City - which I like more, and was cheaper (bonus!)

As you can see in the picture, it’s much shorter than the others

After finishing the 8 pomanders that we will need for the aisle, I still had this first “trial” one lying around. It took a while to make (practice definitely makes perfect with those pomanders) and I didn’t want to just throw it out...hmmmm what to do with it?? After a couple of days of the pomander hanging from our dining room chair, staring at me saying "Miss Elephant, please don't throw me out", I came up with an idea for it!

We will be doing a sand ceremony during our ceremony, and there will be a little table set up inside of the gazebo for this. Instead of spending money on flowers to spruce up the table, I decided that we could use my “trial” pomander!

I used materials that I had around the apartment:
-Vase (thanks to my co-worker for my birthday flowers)
-Glass marbles (picked up at Michael’s when they were on sale for $1)

I filled the vase up with a mixture of blue and green marbles, turned the pomander over, stuck the ribbon part into the vase, and then sprinkled a few marbles around the vase and viola! Instant decoration and a way to use my too short, but still cute tissue pomander.

Were you able to make use of any mistakes with your DIY projects?

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