Friday, October 2, 2009

Texas State Fair

There are several happy Texans … the Texas State Fair opened last week!

I was born and raised near Philly, and don’t remember going to any fairs growing up. When we moved down here, I still didn’t understand all of the excitement. In fact, the schools used to give free tickets to be used during our week long fall break (normally held the first week in October) and I still didn’t go.

After many years of hearing all about the fair, I decided that we should probably check it out. So my mom, brother Elephant & his friend, Mr. E & I caught the train to the fair grounds and “experienced” the state fair. We walked around the crafts section and saw both of Mr. E's mom’s 1st place dolls

We checked out the car show

Rode rides, and ate lots of yummy fair food including turkey legs and corny dogs.

All in all it was a nice experience, but after totaling up how much we spent, I just don’t think it was worth it. I don’t know how families of four can not drop a lot of cash in one afternoon at the fair.

What does the state fair have to do with wedding planning you may be asking yourself?

While I think the fair can be super expensive, I thought it would be a wonderful backdrop for pictures!! If we didn’t already have an idea in mind for our engagement pictures I would totally jump on the chance to take them at the fair.

How cool would those pictures be with the bright colors of the fair? Where did you take your engagement pictures?

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