Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chandy’s Wedding: The Details

Since we’re in the middle of planning our own wedding, I was definitely paying close attention to the details at Chandy’s wedding. The first detail that I thought was really cool is that Chandy did not use a single real flower in her wedding. Like I’ve said before (link) flowers are beautiful, but to me a waste of money since they will probably not last throughout the weekend. Chandy had the flowers for her boutiques and boutonnières made from a seller on Etsy (which I totally called before she confirmed it, I feel like I could become addicted to Etsy) and they were very pretty and a great keepsake since they won’t die.

The favors for the wedding were M&M’s in a container, that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen somewhere on some blog before. Chandy & Alex added a cherry blossom sticker with their names & wedding date. The M&M’s were great to snack on while we waited for the bridal party to get to the reception.

Very similar to a photobooth, Chandy & Alex had a company set up a green screen near the beginning of the buffet line. Guest stood in front of the green screen for a quick snapshot before getting their food. We went back later and there were two prints of the picture for us to take home, and one that was already put in a guest book for the bride and groom. We found our picture in the book and left a best wishes message next to it. The photos ended up with a brown background (her colors were brown and pink) and a cherry blossom border. On the bottom it said “Thank you. Chandy & Alex 9-26-09”. I loved that this would be something that Chandy & Alex could go back and see all of the guests that shared in their big day.

Do you notice more details in a wedding while you’re planning your own?

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