Friday, October 23, 2009

Back to our roots: Traveling adventures (Day 1)

I don’t think there is a word to truly describe our family vacation to Trinidad and Tobago, it was purely amazing!

Our adventure started Wednesday after work when my family (Mom, Dad & Dennis) met up with Chris and me at our apartment. Mom & Dad brought subway sandwiches which we ate half there and half at the airport later. We packed up Dad’s Explorer (which I was surprised that all of our luggage fit with room to spare) and headed towards the airport. Chris and I had a minor issue with the lady at the counter who was too busy talking about my passport not scanning that she didn’t hear me say that we wanted our bags only checked to Miami and that we would be picking them up and rechecking them to Port of Spain, Trinidad the next morning (since we had an over night flight connection). Once all of that was settled, we proceeded to the gate ordered some Starbucks and waited for the plane to board.

The flight to Miami was painless, no real turbulence and the flight seemed short…maybe that’s because I fell asleep for most of it. Anyways we landed in MIA and made the looooong (and I do mean long) walk from the gate to the baggage claim area.

Chris & me landing in MIA

Once the bags finally arrived we called for our shuttle to the Residence Inn, which was not even a year old. The hotel had a very modern type of feel to it.

Dennis waiting in the lobby of the hotel

We checked into our 2 bedroom suite which worked our perfectly. It had to separate bedrooms (with doors) and 2 bathrooms. Dennis took the pull out couch in the living room in the middle of the 2 rooms.

Chris & I getting ready for bed

Next up, our flight to Trinidad and our encounter with immigration officers

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