Monday, November 2, 2009

Addicted, maybe?

I have found myself slightly addicted to Weddingbee lately. Ok I’ll go ahead and admit it [stands up in front of crowd] My name is Lauren and I am addicted to Weddingbee.

I can thank the DFW Knot boards for leading to my addiction, when one of the knotties posted about being a featured blogger for her wedding. I clicked over and have never left. Weddingbee has become my wedding planning drug over the past couple of months and I am sure it will continue to keep me hooked during the next year and a half of planning, and probably even after our wedding date has passed! I love reading about the planning process from brides across the globe, with different cultural elements, different budgets and different themes.

After I caught up with all of the current Miss bloggers, I ventured into the archives of Mrs. bloggers and have the benefit of incorporating some of their ideas into our wedding. One of the recent inspiration DIY projects that I bookmarked was table squares.

Table squares made by Mrs. Stilletto (source)

These would be a great way to add some color to the white linens that are included in our reception package at the Tribute. Now, I am no sewer, in fact I think the only thing that I have attempted to sew was a pillow project in middle school for our Life Management class. Thankfully the pattern was pretty easy to follow and all of the shapes were pre cut for me.

While I don’t have the sewing skills of some other DIY bees, I do have some connections. My dad is pretty handy with a needle and thread, and probably even better with a sewing machine. In elementary school he sewed a Pocahontas costume for me one Halloween. That costume saw a lot of action as I wore it again in middle school, and even let a friend borrow it for a school project. I believe it still hangs in the back of my closet at my parents house, but since I moved out and mom’s overflow of clothes have taken over my closet I don’t know if I’ll ever see that again. My other sewing connection is my FMIL. Chris’ mom (along with pretty much his entire family) is super talented and creative; you may remember the quilt that she made out of my old college shirts.

The table squares would be a perfect way to showcase FMIL’s talents as well as include her in a part of the wedding planning. I’ll be checking out Joann’s fabrics (with a coupon of course) for blue & green fabric and take it over to her house for a trial run. If it turns out well (which I have no doubt it will with FMIL’s mad skills) then I’ll ask her to make enough to outfit all of our reception tables. The best part is that after the wedding, I’ll make sure that the planner collects all of the table squares and get them to FMIL to make into a quilt and /or pillows. This was we’ll be able to keep a part of our centerpieces with us forever!

Are there any family connections that you’ll use to help you with DIY projects?

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