Saturday, November 7, 2009

Doggie (Wedding) Day Care

And now for a post dedicated to the other member of the Elephant household, my dog.  Gypsy is a 7 year old (we think) little mix of a Chihuahua and rat terrier (again, we think) that I adopted from a local animal shelter over 4 years ago. She is the first pet in my family other then fish, hermit crabs and hamsters and is truly loved by me, my parents and brother (and I think Mr. E as well, although he won’t always admit it). They are all willing to look after Gypsy if I’m ever out of town for work, and usually spoil her while they have her. She has even made it into all Christmas pictures since Mr. E & I started dating.

Christmas 2007

 Christmas 2008

Christmas 2009

I’ve seen pictures of weddings online that have incorporated their beloved pets in one way or another - from save the dates to table numbers to even walking down the aisle and being a part of the big day.

Mrs. Lobster and her cute pup 

I love these pictures and I love Gypsy, but walking down the aisle at the wedding will most likely be too much for her to handle. Gypsy isn’t the biggest fan of crowds, which may be a result of her pre-shelter life. When people are hugging, she thinks that they are hurting each other and barks out in protest.  I also don't think our venue allows pets since it is an active golf course.

For these reasons, as well as others, Gypsy will be enjoying the comforts of the Pet Hotel during the wedding weekend. We’ll drop her off before all the hustle and bustle begins on Friday, and my parents will pick her back up once the guests leave on Sunday and watch her while we take our minimoon. I think that this is the best option for Gypsy because the staff will be able to give her the attention that I know she wouldn’t get while we deal with the last minute details and then enjoy the actual wedding.

Don't even think about taking my lamb from me

I would be so much better off if that bone wasn't in plastic

Will you be incorporating your dog (or pet) into your wedding? Or will you be boarding them?

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