Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Take Over...

The title of this post can actually refer to 2 wedding related points for us.

The first is in reference to the Fall Out Boy song “The Take Over, the Breaks Over” which Chris and I are highly considering for our entrance into the reception.

We went out to eat at a great seafood restaurant and then to the Fall Out Boy concert on our 6 month dating anniversary. I know, I know a little cheesy that we celebrated that, but that was a pretty big deal for me seeing that my longest relationship before Chris was only 4 months. We both really like this song, and that beginning just makes me wanna rock out. I know it’s not a very traditional entrance song, but it’s us and I think that’s more important then going with some generic “Let’s get the party started” type of song, don’t you think?

The second reference is to the current status of our dinning room. I feel as though the wedding DIY stuff has taken over our dinning room and I’m not sure when we’ll get it back!
As you can see in the picture the table is covered with cut scrapbook paper (for the invitations and save the dates), stamping and embossing material, hot glue gun, my planning binder, wedding magazines, & signage while the floor houses baskets (for flip flops, programs and the send off bubbles), frames for the card box that Chris is going to make, and more! In the event that we actually want to host a dinner (which we have a couple of times in the past), we would need to stash this stuff in the guest room. While I love looking at all of these wedding goodies, I think my next move is to clean out some space in the guest room closet, which currently holds a bunch of my clothes that wouldn’t fit in our closest. In all honesty, I haven’t worn those clothes in forever, so it would probably be best to just pack it up and give it to the Salvation Army.

Where are you storing all of your DIY goodness before the wedding?

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