Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Engagement Story, Part I

I haven’t gone into detail about the night that Mr. Elephant proposed, but I know that’s always a fun story for me to read when it comes to other people’s engagements. So here’s our story:

About 6 months into our relationship, Mr. E and I started talking about marriage and our future together. It was never very deep conversations early on, just comments here and there about our wedding, a house and later on kids. As we got closer to our 2 year mark we started talking about it more seriously. We stopped by jewelry stores while in the mall to look at different types of rings that I liked so he would have an idea when it came to picking out mine. We noticed things at our friends weddings that we would want to do in our own.

I thought that he might surprise me for Christmas of 2008 with a proposal, but it didn’t come. I believed him later when he said he wouldn’t do it on a holiday because that was not him, so the thought never crossed my mind as Valentine’s Day 2009 came and went. I figured it would come when he was ready and that by not getting my hopes up, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Fast forward to the end of March 2009. My dad was still working on assignment in Atlanta and was coming back to Texas for a visit. Since Mr. E’s parents wanted to eat with my parents again, we thought that it would be a good time to do so. Since our 2 year anniversary would be the day after we got back from our big trip to DisneyWorld followed by my family reunion 7 day cruise, we decided that we would exchange our gifts for each other at the dinner. I figured that it would be to some normal restaurant like their last meeting at Red Lobster, but Mr. E suggested the Rafrain Brazilian steakhouse where I took him for his birthday the year before.

The first parents meeting at Red Lobster

I thought wow, that’s kinda fancy for a parent meeting, but ok if you want to. We had just recently purchased a new suit for Mr. E for the cruise we would be going on in April, and he suggested dressing up so that he could “break in his new suit”. Hmmm, dressing up for dinner? Dare I get my hopes up again? Would this be it???

Did you have a clue that your proposal was coming?

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