Friday, November 20, 2009

Sand Ceremony Vases

With an outdoor ceremony, it would be pretty stupid to try and do a unity candle, so we went with the norm and decided to do a sand ceremony. I picked out 3 vases during a sale at Michael’s for our sand ceremony. I also picked up some crystals that were on sale to decorate the vases for a little personal touch.

I’m not the craftiest person, so I had no clue what the difference was between “hotfix” and “flat back” crystals. I later found out on the Knot DIY board that the hotfix will create a type of adhesive when heated. I attempted to heat them using the embossing gun, but I heated my fingers/tweezers more than the back of the crystal. It did heat up enough to stick, but it didn’t look like it would stay. Maybe it would set after cooling and stick? Well I figured that super glue would do the trick, so I got to work super gluing tiny crystals in the shape of our initials onto the vases.

I made it through the “L” (the beginning letter of my first name) with blue crystals and almost all the way through the “C” (the beginning letter of Mr. E's first name) before realizing that I would run out of green crystals. I was 1 (ONE) little crystal short!

So I’ll be heading back to Michael’s to pick up another pack of crystals to finish the C. Since it comes in a pack of 42, I’ll have to find something else to do with the remaining 41, lol.

Did you ever run out of material while working on a DIY project?

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