Thursday, November 5, 2009


Is there anyone else has ever seen H20 and thinks of the 20th anniversary Halloween movie with Josh Hartnett and Michelle Williams? Yes? No? hmmm maybe I'm the only strange one…

While searching the web for other touches that we could add to personalize our wedding, I came across DIY water bottle labels. I thought this would be an easy project that could be utilized with our OOT boxes as well as drinks in the suite while we’re getting ready.

I found a wonderful template from another Knottie and changed it around with our colors and fonts that I liked. I did the mock ups with empty water bottles, regular printer paper and some tape. I used my cutter (definitely worth the $30 I spent on it) to cut the labels and then simply taped them on the bottles.

There are a few changes that I will be making when we do it for real. I’m going to order full sheets of water proof labels online, that way the ink won’t run with condensation. It will also cut down on the use of tape. The other change will be the bottles. For the mock up I used water bottles from Costco, which have some indentations on the bottle (similar to the Ozarka bottles that are saving on plastic). For the real deal we’ll use bottle that are straight all the way down, which makes it easier for the label to lay flat.

Are there any little personalized touches that you will be doing for your wedding?

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