Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hair up do or don’t?

I’ve been to a couple of dances/functions in high school and college where I felt special enough to warrant an up do for my hair.

That’s me, BM Cali, and MOH Navy in our living room before ring dance our senior year at A&M.

When thinking about how I want to do my hair for the big day, I first thought of another up do, but decided that I wanted to try something a little bit different, with maybe a little less hair spray.

I have seen a lot of pictures online and in magazines of the hair flower, and I thought that would look so great with my dark hair!

The style of hair that I think best showcases the hair flower is the low side ponytail/bun.

I don’t think my hair will be long enough for the low bun by the time of the wedding, so I’ll probably be getting extensions just to add enough length for the perfect bun.

Will you be wearing your hair up or down or a combination of both?

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