Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chandy’s Wedding: The Reception

The reception was held at a Dallas event center which both my brother and mom have been to before. We (Chris, me and 2 of my former co-workers and 1 of their wives) arrived early and found our way to the cash bar. We noticed that it was open seating, but were fearful of sitting at one of the front tables since there were no reserved signs for the bridal party and family. We later learned from Alex & Chandy that they were trying to for the non-formal reception with the open seating, but did in fact forget to reserve seats for themselves and their families. Good thing they are such an easy going couple, they just went with the flow and sat wherever there were seats.

Chris & me at the reception
The buffet was delicious! It contained salad, corn, a marinated grilled chicken (my favorite), new potatoes, beef, rolls and ice tea or lemonade. We finished eating around the time the toasts and cake cutting started. Her cake was beautiful 3 tier with cherry blossoms that went along with all of her stationary items. The groom’s cake looked like a under water treasure chest, which I think actually has something to do with the online video game that they both play.

Chandy & Alex cutting the cake

Their first dance was actually to a song I heard a while back & have downloaded on my ipod “1, 2, 3, 4” by the Plain White T’s. They were too cute as they danced around to a song with a tempo a little faster then your average first dance song.

Their first dance

After Chandy & her father shared a spin around the dance floor, we gave her our congratulations and made our exit (Chris had to work Sunday morning)

Will you be having a buffet at your wedding?

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