Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alert! Sale At My Second Home

So it seems as though my new second home during the wedding planning has become Michael's. I just got the new ad in the mail and was so excited! Starting on Sunday they are having some of their lowest prices on several items that I could use including:

- Scrapbook paper (normally 30% off, next week it's 40% off)
- Xyron refills (I'll try to stock up on the adhesive runners in preparation for the STDs and Invites)
- Ribbon (normally 50 cents each, next week 3 for $1)
- River rocks/marbles that could be used in decoration on the reception tables (normally $2.49, on sale for 99 cents!)
- Glass bottles/vases (possibly for the sand ceremony?)

The Michael's ad, as you can see I've already ripped out my 50% off coupon

What great timing that this sale just happens to come the week after my MOH Kristen and BM Colby gave me a gift card to Michael's for my birthday. YAY!!!

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