Monday, September 28, 2009

Chandy’s Wedding: The Ceremony

This past weekend was the wedding of my former co-worker, Chandy. We started our first jobs out of college on the same day, doing the same job and thankfully became pretty good friends (if we hadn’t it would have been super boring with no one to talk to!). Since we are in the middle of planning our own wedding, I noticed that I paid closer attention to things trying to pick up tips.

Chris & me outside the church
The ceremony was held in a beautiful church and began at 6 pm (I like that it was right on time!). One difference that I noticed off the bat was that the church coordinator had us stand when the processional began (rather that standing when the bride enters). The pastor forgot to tell us to sit until 10 – 15 mins into the ceremony. Good thing my shoes were comfortable!
Chandy was beautiful in her dress, which I actually got to see pictures of before the wedding since the photographer that did her bridals is the same awesome photographer that will be doing our wedding (therefore I stalk her blog on a regular basis).
Chandy walking down the aisle
I think it was beautiful that Chandy smiled and cried a little as she walked down the aisle to her soon to be husband, it made me emotional. I hope I’ll be able to keep it together as I walk to meet Chris at the alter. The ceremony was wonderful and lasted around 30 mins.

Chandy & Alex saying their vows

You may now kiss the bride

After the ceremony they stayed to take the formal family portraits while we headed off to the reception.

How long do you thing is a good amount of time for a ceremony?

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