Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Year of the Weddings

This weekend I will be attending my 5th wedding for the year (out of 7 that I was invited to). It seems as though all of my friends are getting married at the same time! This weekend’s wedding will be the only one in Dallas, which is a nice change of pace from the driving and hotel rooms for each of the other weddings.

Each wedding has been different from the last which makes them all a joy to go to. All of my friends have had a wedding that was “them” from a small town/large guest count wedding to the winery destination wedding to the church wedding followed by cake and punch reception.

After getting engaged I started to take more mental notes of things that I liked and maybe not so much liked that could later be incorporated into (or excluded from) our own wedding.

I like the incorporation of pictures into the reception decoration similar to Will & Jessica’s wedding

I loved the use of fruit in this centerpiece at my friend Katie’s wedding

Due to sparkler restrictions, we’ll probably do a bubble send off like this one at Jason & Mallory’s wedding

Besides the first hand wedding tips, these weddings have all been a chance to share in the special day with my friends. I am so happy for each and every one of them and can’t wait for them return the love and share in our big day.

Did you get any ideas for your wedding after attending a friend’s wedding?

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