Thursday, September 3, 2009

I wanna see my name in lights!

Well really, it's print, but close enough. A couple months ago I followed up on a post on the Knot to meet with a freelance writer and 5 other females to do an article on rings and engagements.

We met on a Saturday afternoon for high tea at a cute little French bistro and dished about our engagements, rings, and wedding plans all over tasty sandwiches, desserts and tea (it being Texas and the summer, I opted for iced tea over hot tea). When we were leaving the writer told us that we could expect a copy of the magazine in our mail.

After work today I couldn't wait to get the leash on Gypsy and head for the mailbox, and there it was!! The magazine is called Instore and is a magazine for jewelry store owners. Below are some pictures of the group, single shot of me and a depiction of the famous soup can that Mr. E proposed with (sorry for having to blur out the last name)

If you have been watching the latest season of Bridezilla, you'll recognize the girl on my left.

The infamous soup can rendition

What wedding related magazines have you read since (or before) you became engaged?

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