Thursday, September 17, 2009

Start the car!

Have you seen those Ikea commercials? The lady checks out and has saved so much she thinks the employee has made a mistake, so she hurries out of the store and yells at the husband to start the car so they can get away with the deals before the employee realizes. That’s how I felt at Michael’s the other day.

As I mentioned before, there’s a pretty good sale going on at Michael’s this week. Couple that with the gift card that I received from my MOH Kristen and BM Colby for my birthday and you get one happy shopper! I stopped at two different Michael’s on Sunday (and will no doubt probably make another stop this week before the sale ends) and picked up all of these wonderful things for the wedding!

Here’s a rundown of what I picked up and how it will be used for the wedding:
- 5x7 picture frame – To frame the sign for the cards next to the picture frame card box Chris will be making after our engagement pictures
- 3 vases – These will be used for the sand ceremony
- 3 packs of Blue & Green crystals - I’ll use to add our initials to the sand ceremony vases
- 2 rolls of 1.5 inch green ribbon - The last two rolls that I need for the invite belly bands
- 4 rolls of thin blue & green ribbon – These will be used on the send off bubbles
- 5 adhesive runner refills – I really like the Xyron runners and will be using those to put together the save the dates & invites
- 6 bags of blue and green marbles – We want to scatter these on the reception tables around the centerpieces to add a little more color to the white lines.
- 2x2 craft punch – To punch out the belly bands and possibly the monogram stickers for the favor boxes
- Photo corners – These will frame/hold the magnet in place in the STD
- Blue ink pad – Works great with our custom return address stamp (purchased off Etsy), for the STD & thank you card envelopes

With all the sales and 50% off coupons I had, I saved about $45 on all of the things purchased. I love me some sales!

Have you found some good sales or bargains on items for your wedding?

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