Monday, October 25, 2010

The most expensive dress I will ever wear

That's right Hive, it's my wedding dress!!! I know you have all been on pins and needles waiting for this post ;) 

Mr. E is not a reader of this blog, but just in case..

OK, I think we're safe to proceed.

I'm so excited that it's in and it fits! After a handful of  dress shopping trips, I ended up with a dress I tried on in the second store. I lucked out and purchased my Mori Lee #2306 at another store during a trunk sale to get an additional 20% off.

Hopefully this means those weird wedding dreams of my dress coming in as a short blue tulle party dress will stop.

The front

The back...need to work on toning up my back

I LOVE the front with the beading and ruching

Beading on the bottom of the dress, and check out those sassy blue shoes!

And one more shot from the side

How long before your wedding did your dress come in? If it was a couple months (or more like mine did) was it hard for you to not want to put it on and lounge around like they did in the Friends episode?

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Pamela said...

wow you look great Lauren. Can't wait to see it all put together.