Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another Reason for a DOC

Another good reason to hire a wedding planner or day of coordinator?

Halfway through our engagement (almost a year after booking our venue) we were notified that the event coordinator at our venue had resigned. I have heard of other instances when event coordinators have left a venue after a bride has booked her wedding, but I didn't think that it was going to happen to us.

The main reason I did not freak out upon hearing this news?? Kathie Seeley of Grand Events.  Mama E, Mr. E and I decided early on in the planning process to hire a planner to help us during the planning process and alleviate stress the day of the wedding. Kathie was the first vendor we booked!  She has been there from the beginning - she knows all of our plans/DIY projects, has copies of all of our contracts and will be the one in charge of everything the day of.  I like knowing that I will not have deal with any vendor calls on our wedding day.  I know that she will have our vision nailed down, and will be able to instruct the new venue coordinator to make sure that our wedding will be exactly what we're working so hard to achieve.  She has already saved us money by her extra research on our DJ & lighting package, and will be doing all of the flowers (in our budget) as well.

On a side note, ALWAYS get things in writing!  When I got in contact with the new coordinator at our venue, many of the prices had gone up.  None of these things (price per person on appetizers, price to open all the taps of beer, etc) are in the form contract that we signed with the venue.  The contract is mainly for the minimum, the deposits and the percentage of tax and service charge.  Thankfully I kept all of the email conversations with the prior coordinator where those prices were mentioned and the venue is happy to honor all of her commitments.

Will you be using a planner or DOC to assist in your big day?

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